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La parisienne. What a story !

She‘s been painted, sang, danced, romanticized, dreamt in verses for ages. Now, how do you see her in 2017, gentlemen? Here is a small list of what 3 men met in Paris, aged 20 to 40, think of her.

If you should describe her in just 3 words?

This question certainly inspired them!
Chic, distinguished, complex, urban, charming, with self-confidence, feeling empowered, a bit artist, connected, bold, open minded …
In one world, they seemed to pretty agree on her (many many) qualities

According to you, who would embody her the best, no matter the period of time or the generation ?

Emmanuel, the forty years old, sees Ines de la Fressange, Emilien, the thirty something, imagines her as Catherine Deneuve (young!) and Theo, the youngest, Audrey Hepburn, in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
That’s us! 😉

Why, do you think, la parisienne embodies a fantasy all around the world ?

Théo and Emilien seemed to agree on that one: she has set a relatively high standard, is cultured, a bit out of reach and that is attractive!
Pragmatic, Emmanuel summarizes it as “because it is Paris and we’re talking about a woman! 2 good reasons to fantasize!”

Sophisticated in the 1920’s, free-minded in the 1970’s, ambitious in the 2000’s, how do you imagine her in 2050 ?

Theo sees her always ahead of her time, Emilien: always different compared to the rest of the ladies and Emmanuel imagines her cross-cultured…

Our time to guess now !

Ahead of her time, open on the world, who takes care of herself: exactly the kind of women who could democratize an organic lingerie made out of pine wood, sexy and comfy!
Welcome Ines, Catherine, Audrey or who ever you are in Do You Green world !

La parisienne. What a story !

Do You Green – A mere nothing dresses you !

From an ecological mind to ecological pinewood fibers’ underwear: this is the lingerie 2.0 signed by Do You Green.
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