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cotton bra

What bra fits you well ?

What bra fits you well?


what bra fits you well ? the answer is in Do you green! The right bra will make you feel good and promote your self-confidence. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman. A simple bra can be the hardest to buy. Most women find difficulties in buying the exact bra. Women will struggle to find the best mix of style, comfort, and shape. You should pay attention if you are wearing the right size or not. Opting for a tight bra may cause many health problems. So be careful about your breast size! With simple steps, you can succeed to determine your bra size. If not, try to ask an expert in the shop. However, not only you should be aware about your exact sizes, but also it is important to buy the model that fits you more. Having smaller bust sizes, medium bust sizes, or larger bust sizes do matter in choosing the right shape and style to wear. Since there are many types of bras, you have only to pick the exact one that fits you well. There are many kinds of styles, colors, and designs, that’s why women are really hesitating when choosing the right bra. Since every woman is shaped differently, each one of them has a special model that fits her well. For example, women with smaller bust sizes are the luckiest to wear different models of bras. Women having medium cup sizes bras can wear underwire bras or push-up bras. However, in terms of coverage, both demi and fuller cups work for women having larger cup sizes.

Push-Up Bra/Underwire Bra


For a sublime and sexy look, many women opt for the push-up bra. It highlights your breast shape and creates great cleavage. Women with smaller bust sizes can opt successfully for this bra. Even women with larger cup sizes may wear them for rounded cleavage. Wearing a push-up bra under a T-shirt will give you a firm and a well-rounded look. Wearing a push-up bra under a deep neckline dress enhances your cleavage. But, you shouldn’t wear a push-up bra under a button-down shirt because the added volume will cause some gaping between the buttons. Push-up bras are more supportive as compared to normal bras, due to additional padding in the cup. Many women; however, prefer the underwire bra for many reasons. This bra is designed for an absolute support. Wearing an underwire bra gives you comfort. Women with large chest sizes can opt for this model. Underwire bras are designed to bring your weight closer to the front. They will bring you a precise fit that will highlight your seductivity for sure. It should stay under the breast throughout movement. However, many women are not at ease when wearing them because of the metal under wires which can pressure in your breasts. If you face these troubles when wearing them, you should be aware that you are wearing the wrong size. You should check your size frequently in order to buy the right and exact bra. Try not to wear an underwire bra during a sport or a yoga session.

Triangle bra/ Lace bra


Many women don’t like push-up or underwire bra. They are in love of triangle bra. They think that they are more sexy and natural than other designs of bras. A triangle bra gives you a natural look. These bras are so comfy you won’t even realize that you’re wearing one. They support your chest without affecting your breasts shape. With a V-shape cleavage, they are so sexy. Women with small chest sizes and medium chest sizes can surely opt for the amazing triangle bras. Without wires, they are so comfy but also super sexy. Some triangle bras are slightly padded with pads or inserts usually with thin foam for a little more coverage and shape. Every woman should try the triangle bra for a very feminine and natural look. Even women with large bra size shouldn’t miss the opportunity of wearing them if they want to look nice and sexy. A triangle bra should be indispensible of your lingerie wardrobe. We shouldn’t even forget that triangle bras are a tendency this season. Many stars and celebrities are opting for them. Even the tendency is to make a triangle bra appears under a loose top or a dress in everyday looks. In addition, to beautify your bra, you should opt for lace bra. If you are looking for a seductive and attractive look, the lace bra is your best choice. It’s very sexy. Grab a lace bra today for any occasion for your elegance. A lace bra is really seamless under your clothes. The lace cups emphasize your natural look. The lace bras are so very seductive and divine. Trends appear and go, but lace remains always a tendency and never disappears. Most women rely on lace to be sexy, elegant and attractive. However, you should be careful about the fabric of which your bra is made of. Some brands use cotton, lace, or satin. Other brands use only organic fabrics such us organic cotton or the pine fiber fabric. For your own security, try to opt for organic lingerie.


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