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Organic underwear made from Pine ? ‘have you ever heard about it ?

Do You Green, a real alternative to your cotton lingerie whether organic or not.

From an ecological mind to ecological pinewood fibers 

This is the very first organic lingerie brand for both men and women, made in France and out of pine fiber!

This lingerie brand, ultra-sexy and soft as silk, is made out of our special pine fiber fabric derived from sustainable French pine forests. This is a real alternative to your cotton lingerie whether organic or not.

This revolutionary process is the answer to an unsatisfied need: find an organic fabric that wouldn’t use too much water to grow ! Pine trees needs 50% less water than cotton to grow, for the same plot.

This surprising use of pine trees is therefore sustainable for more than one reason and as respectful towards our skin than it is to the planet.


Why is DYG lingerie the best one for your skin ?

  • The organic lingerie signed by DYG is ultra-feminine and incredibly soft and smooth, a lot more than the cotton one. This skin-to-skin feeling is far far away from the popular misconception about traditional organic pieces: itchy and not very sexy.  Our lingerie is definitely softer than a cotton one and oh so sexy!
  • We, at DYG, decided to mix the French chic and savoir-faire to the super powers of pine wood: antiperspirant thanks to the natural absorptive property of pine wood fibers and a never before felt skin-to-skin feeling, a lot softer than cotton lingerie.
  • we created this special fabric, made only in France, for its non-itchy and non-allergenic properties and registered a patent.
    Welcome into DYG world: let yourself be tempted by this sweet return to nature, back to what really matters and let’s feel beautiful naturally.

All our components are Made in France

    • We decided to create our special organic fabric here, in France, for sanitarian reasons. We are 100% sure that there will be absolutely no toxic chemical products involved in the process even during the transformation part. This was a non-negociable condition for us when talking about lingerie.

    Also Made in France, the laces from Calais and the elastic material we use.

    We guarantee them 100% heavy metals free, free also of any dangerous material.

    And even if the assembly of the different parts of our lingerie is made un Tunisia, then, our creations take the boat to come back home: no plane!


How does our lingerie travels ?

  • Once sewed, our products are packed in paper envelops. The same paper we use to draw our new collection. Then they are sewed together with the left over sewing thread. No waist here neither! Finally, all is loaded on boats.

No, your lingerie doesn’t travel by planes … well, at least not without you!

It just waits for you to discover the world!

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